"Hey Horizon, take my call"

With our advanced voice assistant, you can easily answer your calls, answer messages and change settings without interruptions.


InGame voice and text chat is something great. We now make it possible for everyone! Completely straightforward for mod and game developers with access to voice, text and storage servers for game statistics.

Gaming Statistics

See all of your detailed gaming stats at a glance and compete with your friends.

Free server or host yourself? Both!

Do you want a free server for your community? No problem! Or do you want to host your server yourself? It's your choice!


No friends online right now? With our player search you are guaranteed to find someone to gamble with! Player search can be configured at any time and adapted to your needs

Level System

Through anonymized analysis based on your chat and in-game behavior, you can level up and buy emotes.

Emote Store

Buy as many emotes as you want with coins earned through experience. They are always available and independent of your joined servers.

Intelligent Notification Mode

Don't get an insane flood of unnecessary notifications while you're in a match.

Smart Invite

Invite your crew to a match like never before. Our AI checks in your calendar whether you are already fully booked and prevents short-term cancellations. Awesome, isn't it?

Emergency Fallback

If your hosted server fails, our free server will be used immediately. So you can keep in touch with your community.

Free Membership

You can't believe us ?! We couldn't either, but it's true!

High Security Standard

Your messages are not only encrypted on the way to our servers, but also in our database. We make life difficult for hackers.

Voice Messages

Send voice messages simply and easily.

Improved Customer Support System

Companies can use our improved customer support system.

and much more...

Because we are open to new ideas :-)